@Liliana Bowrey is one of those rare enigmas that can surf on a longboard just as well as she can surf on a shortboard and has been making waves ever since she could stand up. She’s the sweetheart of the team with more accolades under her belt than toes over the nose on a good day at Noosa main break.



Having just launched her first Netflix debut ‘Surviving Summer’, Lil is a rising star in more ways than one. Goofy and outgoing, she nailed the audition as it was just what the producers were looking for, for her surfer girl character Poppy Tetanui. Also nominated in the top 10 Best Female Surfers by Tracks Magazine - it’s proof in the pudding she is starting to become a superstar in the surf world. Talents all round, Lil is skilled at touch footy and just to put the cherry on top, writes her own songs and plays the ukulele.



She is our Indonesian island princess and states her favourite wave is Medewi, a sand bottom left point break in Bali, not dis-similar to Noosa - just going in the preferable direction for a goofy footer.


Photographer: @alexvkmedia