We caught up with Anna Gudauskas to give us an inside scoop on her surf trip to Hawaii.

Dive in below:

What’s the main tip you would give to someone traveling to Hawaii for the first time? 

Support local businesses wherever possible.

What’s your go-to board set up when surfing here? 

Bigger boards like eggs and midlenths work especially well in Hawaii. It's nice to have the extra paddle but still be able to duck dive. I had a 7' single fin and a 6'4" bonzer. 

From the places you can reveal, what’s your favorite beach to surf at? 

I love the deep water and beauty of Sunset Beach and also anywhere I can find a long, peeling left. 

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do when visiting this tropical paradise? 

Anything ocean related! Surfing when the waves are good, and diving when it's flat. I love how easy it is to be active every day in Hawaii. 

Hawaii being very community driven, what’s a local business you would recommend supporting? 

Terraformation is an organization working to restore Hawaii's native forests. Their goal is to bring back thriving biodiversity by rebuilding soil, and planting and tending to over a thousand native trees and shrubs from the Native Hawaii Island Seed Bank. This project reduces desertification and acknowledges that forests are one of our greatest resources for absorbing carbon in the atmosphere. 

Is there a product from the new ADIV collection that you can’t stop wearing? 

The high waisted bottoms.

What do you pack in your bag for a surf day? 

A swimsuit or two, boards, a refillable water bottle, a hat, reef-safe sunscreen and swim fins and a mask in case there's no surf. 

Photography by: Sarah Lee

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