We caught up with local Havanna Cabrero to give us an inside scoop on Puerto Rico

Dive in below:

What’s your favorite beach in Puerto Rico? 

Machuas! You have to cross a river to reach the break. Be careful though, there are crocs in the river! 

Do you have any tips for anyone visiting for the first time?  

Don’t miss out on our Mofongo and definitely visit our beaches! 

Do you remember your first home break?  

Yes, I grew up surfing with my dad at Aviones and Jobos. We still surf together often and jet ski out to breaks.  

Best local spot to eat at? 

Molinis is a must!

What's your go-to Billabong outfit to get around town? 

The Your Truly Romper, I recommend to wear something light and flowy because it gets really really hot here!  

What are you studying and how has that been balancing along side the competing?  

Molecur Biology goal to be a dermatologist. I would travel with my books and maximize plane rides.  

Being you want to be a dermatologist- do you have a sun care routine you recommend?  

Always wear sunblock, make sure you select one that doesn't create breakouts and it's water/reef safe.