We caught up with Havanna Cabrero and Natalia Padro to give us an inside scoop on their Adventure Division trip to the West Side of Puerto Rico.

Dive in below:

Favorite part of the trip?

  • Havanna: My favorite part of the trip other than having the Billabong crew over was longboarding with the girls in Surfers Beach. I find longboarding so fun and calming, I feel like you have more time to admire everything surrounding you and appreciate nature.
  • Nat: My favorite part of the trip was the day that we did a little bit of everything. Went surfing in morning, had a mid-day swim at Crash Boat beach which is amazing, and ended the day cruising around in a Volkswagen van at Playuela in the afternoon. 

Funniest moment during the trip?

  • Havanna: The funniest moment was shooting the Adventure Division on the camp site because it started raining shortly afterwards so we put all the product to test and it's approved! 
  • Nat: While at Crash Boat, we took our soaked hair and did like a George Washington hairstyle. It was hilarious just watching ourselves. 

Where were you in Puerto Rico?

  • Havanna: For this trip we were in Isabela and Aguadilla, it's more to the West of the island! I live about an hour and a half away in the city, but this is definitely one of my favorite places on the island. There's a variety of waves around this area and I always enjoy my time on that side of the island. 
  • Nat: We were mostly on the west coast of Puerto Rico. 

Out of all the product you wore, fave to surf in or must-pack item?? 

  • Havanna: There were so many good pieces from this collection but my absolute favorite is the blue print A/DIV High Neck One Piece Swimsuit. It's so perfect to surf in, it's one of those must-have suits! 
  • Nat: The bikinis were so comfortable, but my fave one had a string that you can tie around your waist to make it tighter. You don’t have to worry about it sliding down while surfing. 

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