The KwaZulu-Natal South Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the country, its where authentic South Africa, meets the sea... Speckled among the banana trees and winding rivers you’ll find small towns & a variety of secret spots, and with Its plentiful sand bottom point breaks it makes for some world-class surf. 


Sunrise was the opening music for the day, showing off the swell in a magical way. Enjoying chats while Sipping on our morning coffee and tea, we spent most of our time with our gaze towards the ocean, with dolphins & whales making their way up and down the coastline. Just in front of our beach house was a wave called Green Point. This is one of the South Coast’s classic right-hand point breaks. It needs a medium, south swell to function. There are no shark nets here, so be careful and make sure you surf with a buddy. During the day we drove around weaving through wild banana trees in search of waves, and having pit stops at beautiful little fresh fruit stands along the way, looking for the perfect paw paw.



Having miles of endless coastline all to ourselves, it felt like we were the only ones there but with a coastline littered with waves; how far does one go on a surf trip like this. You’ll often just be driving to a surf break and just get taken by the next wave around the corner.


The waves are known to come in many shapes and sizes here, so we were equipped with a variety of boards from classic single fin mid lengths, twin fins, thrusters and even logs! We had to be ready for anything.

We explored every road we could during our trip and discovered amazing locations. One of our favourite places was at The Uvongo waterfall, situated right on the beach. This magical place captivated our time and attention, bringing our inner grom to life- jumping from high rocks to exploring the water’s edge.


The furthest place we surfed on the South Coast was Umzumbe. This is another one of the South Coast’s fine point breaks. It definitely has world-class potential. If you are lucky enough to catch this wave when it’s on, it will blow your mind away. Just south of Umzumbe you will find Banana Beach, a right sand-bottomed point break that runs off an outcrop of rocks. One of the best spots on the coast. This Surf trip is like a surfing dream that consistently reoccurs, taking you to waves so perfect and remote, you fear they might not exist. And, yet they somehow become a shaded semblance of a hidden reality not even that far from the city of Durban.