At Billabong Women’s, every day is Earth Day. The ocean is our playground, our safe space, our muse, and our livelihood - which is why we strive, day after day, to better our practices to be gentler on Mama Earth.

Today, we are excited to celebrate how far we’ve come in our eco-conscious journey, while also acknowledging how far we still have left to go. We understand that the choices we make today matter for tomorrow. We are not perfect – actually, we’re far from it.

However, we are committed to making progress, no matter how big or how small, in all aspects of our business, towards a better, more sustainable future. The oceans we surf and swim in, the wilds we ride and rejoice in, and the paths we walk are vulnerable and at risk without change in human behavior.

We are committed to educating ourselves and our communities to think a little deeper, tread a little lighter, act a little wiser and shout a little louder about the change that is needed from all of us. We hold ourselves accountable and We Sea Change.

Follow along with us during Earth week as we speak to a variety of topics:

Day 1: Join Lex Weinstein as she travels around Oahu, Hawaii showing you how to tread lightly on mother earth and local communities. She will take you on a trip to a farm to volunteer, show you how to eat and shop local.

Day 2-3: Learn about our eco-conscious swim and surf products!

Day 4: Get the lowdown on how to compost your bikini liners

Day 5: Dive into Sea and Soil