It’s more challenging than ever in today’s society to be body positive. There is so much influence, from what once was just celebrities, television, and magazines to now everyone having social media at their fingertips; a platform that is a highlight reel of people’s lives with a lot of them being paid to post. Most days, it’s hard not to compare your life, your job and your body, and feel a little inadequate.



We chatted with Steph Claire Smith during the process of our collaboration and asked her how she manages to stay so confident in her skin, some tips and advice for when you are having just an off day and why she likes to be so real and raw on her social media. Below, she shares with us her favorite mantras and all the things she does that makes her feel good.



1. Steph, tell us your 3 favorite mantras that you tell yourself when you look in the mirror.


When I’m having an off day, and I catch myself thinking some not-so-kind thoughts, I find saying three qualities I love about myself quite uplifting. We often focus too much on what we dislike about ourselves or our appearance, and are made to feel awkward to compliment ourselves, but we need to unlearn that feeling because it's incredibly important to give ourselves some love regularly. One quote I do love by Dr Seuss though is: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You’er than You.” I love this quote because it reminds me how special it is that we are all unique, and if we were all the same, how boring life would be.

2. What about when you are just having a really off day, feel a bit down in the dumps. Do you wallow in it or try and turn it around?

If talking to myself in the mirror or reading out some of my favorite mantras doesn't quite pull me out of it, moving my body will. I find exercise incredibly centering. Whether it's a short walk, an intense KIC workout or a gentle KIC yoga flow… I always feel better after moving my body.

3. What sorts of things do you do to feel good?

I do things that I love! So this would be different for everyone! For me, connecting with our KIC community, moving my body, fueling my body with yummy foods, spending time with friends and family, having a bath or getting away to the Murray River are all things that I schedule in for myself in my routine to feel good.


4. Do you think it’s important to stay true to yourself and real and raw on your social media?


Absolutely. I’ve always stayed true to myself; I’ve never really seen the point in faking some sort of image that you couldn't upkeep in real life. Authenticity is incredibly important to me, and I think one of the biggest compliments you can get from someone is for them to say that you are genuine and true to yourself.


5. Are there ever any negative comments on your body or the way you look and if so, how do you handle them?


Yes, but not many to be honest. I think when you put yourself out there, there is always going to be that risk of people just being mean or rude - but when you also put yourself out there and show the good days and the bad days and everything in between and don't portray yourself as someone who thinks they're perfect, people are less likely to pick you apart. For me the kind of trolling that hits me deep are those who comment on my general being or beliefs. I really value how I treat others and really try and do the right thing always. Of course, I’m human and I know I’m not perfect… we’re all born to be real not perfect right… but when someone attacks me for something I’ve done or said purely just because they may disagree, it can be hard not to take it personally. If I ever feel like comments are getting to me, I will lean on friends and family who I trust and who support me.


6. Tell us about the changes to your body during pregnancy. Have you struggled going from having abs to a big round belly, or has the transition been smoother than you thought?


To be honest it’s been easier than I thought! I am obsessed with my belly haha I think I’m going to miss it. But I do miss feeling strong in my core and strong in general really. I can't wait to start that process of building back up my strength and fitness again!


7. What about keeping active with a belly in the way? Do you just modify your exercises to suit?


There are so many polarizing opinions online around exercising during your pregnancy. I certainly let it all overwhelm me in the first trimester, especially being that it’s my first time being pregnant. Once I spoke to my OB about it, I felt confident to continue working out and continued to do my favorite KIC workouts at home, with just a few adjustments. I was really lucky that in my first and second trimester I was well enough to stay quite active. While not as frequent or as full-on as my usual routine, I still really enjoyed moving my body and keeping my muscles strong when I felt motivated. Now in the third trimester, my routine has changed again. While I’m still trying to move my body, I’m working with a women's health physio as I’ve been having some troubles with my lower back and pelvis, so I’ve had to pull it all right back! But I’m at the tail end now, so close to popping!!


8. Do you always eat healthy, or do you have a balanced approach to food?


I have a very balanced approach to eating for sure. I certainly do love fueling my body with nutritious foods but having balance is incredibly important as I didn’t always have that balance! I used to have quite an unhealthy relationship with food and restricting myself from delicious foods that I loved just resulted in an unhealthy binge eating pattern. I'd say about 70% of my diet consists of fresh and nutritious foods, the other 30% would be processed foods that I love. I don’t go a day without chocolate.


9. What sort of accounts do you follow on social media. Is it only people that inspire your or make you feel good?


Absolutely! I follow a whole bunch of different accounts. But I think it’s really important to recognize how much those accounts can influence you. So if you're following anyone that makes you feel bad in any way, unfollow!

10. Lastly, tell us about a typical day in the life of SCS. What’s on your plate, what exercise do you do, what do you wear, what do you tell yourself, who do you spend your time with?


My day on the plate changes every day, but I’m a big snacker/grazer! I like to try and move my body daily. Prior to pregnancy I would do a KIC strength or HIIT or yoga workout 5-6 days a week and walk every day. These days at the tail end of my pregnancy, short walks and pregnancy pilates that my physio has put together for me is how I move my body. Most days you’ll find me in activewear… but this collection really does speak to my fashion outside of fitness. If I wake up feeling girly, I'll chuck on a flowy dress, but majority of the time, nothing beats a tank top or oversized tee with denim!