How To Style a Beanie for Women

how to style a beanie for women

Beanies are versatile accessories that come in a variety of styles and work for any season. Create casual or elevated looks, match them with bright colors or neutrals, or create a unique look that’s all your own. In this guide, we’ll cover how to style your beanie for any occasion.

How Should a Beanie Fit?

A beanie's soft construction makes it comfortable and easy to wear. There are plenty of different ways to wear a beanie, and finding the right fit is the first step to making your beanie look good.

  • Snug but not too tight – You don’t want your beanie slipping over your eyes or for it to be uncomfortably tight. A properly sized beanie should sit about halfway up your forehead.
  • Covering your ears – If you’re wearing a beanie for warmth as well as style, you’ll want to find one that fully covers your ears.
  • Keeping bunching in mind – Beanies that are too big could bunch on top, giving your hat a lopsided look.
  • Personal preference – Maybe you want a little slouch or an oversized beanie with extra length that’s ideal for folding up the brim. Check out the styling pictures below to see what look you like best.
  • Check sizing – Most beanies are “one-size-fits-all,” but you can find beanies sized for men, women, and children or smaller beanies that fit more like a skullcap. Check the size of your beanie to ensure it has your desired fit.
styling beanies in warm weather

By Weather

Come rain or shine, there’s always a way to style your beanie. Here are our top tips for styling your beanie based on changing temps.

Styling Beanies for Cold Weather

beanies for warm weather

Cold weather layering is what beanies do best. Put together a cozy outfit with a hoodie under a puffy vest or your favorite sweatshirt under a distressed denim jacket. Finish it off with a beanie in a neutral color like heather gray, creamy white, or classic black.

Beanies pair well with fleece-lined leggings and boots – you also can’t go wrong with a classic jeans and sneakers combo. Don’t forget a thick knit scarf and chunky socks for added warmth.

Styling Beanies for Warm Weather

beanies for warm weather

Don’t put your beanie away because the sun’s out. Beanies are the hallmark of laid-back style, and matching your beanie with an oversized t-shirt and cut-off shorts is a great way to mix textures and add bright colors to your outfit during outdoor activities or chillier nights by the bonfire.

Need ideas for something more elevated? Pair a floral sundress with white sneakers and a pastel beanie for barbeques and summer celebrations.


By Occasion

Whether you’re sipping an iced coffee and running errands or catching dinner and your favorite band, beanies give you an added element to make your look pop.

Casual Beanie Outfits

sporty beanies for women

Sweatpants, leggings, perfectly faded jeans – anything goes when casual is the name of the game. Throw on an oversized sweatshirt or flannel, then complete your look with your favorite sunnies or a shacket for cold temps. Combat boots, high-top sneakers, chunky sandals, or fuzzy slides can take your outfit from edgy to sporty to casual chic, depending on your mood.

Elevated Beanie Outfits

beanies for women

Beanies aren’t just for casual outfits. Elevate your beanie game with all of your favorite going-out pieces. Think wide-leg jeans, strappy sandals, and a vintage band tee topped with a neon-colored beanie and layered jewelry for a night out. Pair a simple white tee with a quilted jacket, booties, and a cozy beanie for a look you can wear to the office.

By Face Shape

Certain face shapes can be emphasized with the right type of beanie. Learn how to make a beanie look good for your face shape with these tips.

Round Face Shape

beanies for round faces

Slouchy beanies complement round faces and offer a versatile fit. These beanies typically have a softer fold, thicker construction, and longer dome to create an intentionally slouchy look.

Oval Face Shape

beanies for oval faces

Fitted beanies accentuate angular and oval features. These beanies are usually constructed of thinner material or a tighter weave, but can be found in various fabrics. Choose your sizing carefully to ensure these caps fit comfortably and stay in place.

Square Face Shape

beanies for square faces

For those of us with squarer features, nothing beats a fun beanie with a pom on top. You’ll find these beanies in chunky knit patterns or tight, fitted weaves. Pom-topped beanies also pair well with monochrome looks, but a mismatched pom can brighten up minimalist looks.

Heart Face Shape

Oh, la la! People with heart-shaped faces will appreciate the charm of a classic beret. From brightly colored wool to printed berets, you have plenty of options when choosing a hat to accentuate your features.

By Hair Type

There are as many ways to style a beanie by hair type. Check out these ideas for styling your beanie with your ‘do.

Beanie Styling for Long Hair

long hair beanies

Fitted or slim-style beanies work best with long hair. Picture beachy waves or a messy braid popping out of a colorful beanie. Rather than covering up your long hair, try pushing the beanie back and away from your eyes to let more of it show.

Beanie Styling for Short Hair

short hair beanies

For shorter hair, go for a thicker beanie that’s shorter in length or has a brim that’s easy to fold. Choose styles in intricate knit patterns or with a classic rib to add texture and visual interest over your shorter strands.

Beanie Styling for Curly Hair

curly hair beanies

Curly hair calls for a beanie with plenty of room. Thick knit, slouchy, or slim-style beanies that aren’t too tight will complement your curls while offering enough stretch.

Hair Styling Ideas

  • Hair down – Let your hair hang naturally so it frames your face. Curls, waves, straight as a pin – show off what you’ve got.
  • Braids – French braids, pigtail braids, or a single braid hanging down your back are all excellent ways to style your hair under a beanie.
  • Loose ponytail – Wear a loose ponytail low on your head to keep hair out of your face and to avoid an awkward bump sticking out of your beanie.
  • Low bun – Tie your hair loosely at the nape of your neck, then pull your beanie down. Low buns are both timeless and practical.
beanie hairstyles

How To Accessorize with Beanies

Wondering what else to wear with your beanie? Accessories are a fantastic way to elevate a casual beanie outfit.

  • Scarves and Gloves – Mix ‘n’ match or matching moment? Pick contrasting patterns and colors to keep your outfit interesting, or choose a scarf and gloves in the same color as your beanie for a monochrome look.
  • Jewelry – If you’ve chosen bold jewelry, like a gold necklace or thick hoop earrings, let your jewelry shine with solid-color beanies that accent the look without taking over.
  • Glasses and Sunglasses – With glasses or sunglasses, rounded beanies work best to avoid pinching earpieces behind your ears.
  • Bags and Purses – Consider a monochrome approach to allow your bag or purse to complement the rest of your look. Black bags or textured totes help elevate a casual beanie.

Play with styles, fits, and colors as you find a look that works for you. Factors like face shape, hair length, and the style you’re going for can all help you figure out which beanie looks best with your outfit.


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