Meet Thea, a local muse and artist from Biarritz, France who was part of our “A Daydream Away” campaign!

When did you first start surfing? 


I started surfing quite late, around the age of 14. The children here start early! I’m a surf teacher, and sometimes I have children as young as 6 years old in my surfing lessons. It’s just sooo cute!

Where are you from?


I was born in the Alps and grew up there until my teenage years in Megêve, a lovely village. Thinking about this place causes me a lot of emotions.

What are your passions in life?


I adore everything that is creative, I flourish enormously. To be more detailed, I love to express myself by composing songs or creating offbeat universes that I photograph afterwards. I think my greatest passions is all these incredible things that surround us. That I try to transcribe in my creations. 

What is your favorite outfit from the photoshoot?


My favorite outfit during the shooting is the one that I find gives a very classy and Tomboy style - the Safari Check blazer, Check It top, and Boy Is Mine jeans! The top above the belly button and the boyfriend jeans accompanied by the blazer gives a trendy look with a surf touch.

What do you like about Biarritz? Can you share a favorite spot?


I love the French side of this place. Biarritz is very chic, with the most sublime architecture. I also like the vibe in the summer, it’s very particular to this area. 

For a favorite spot, I am very attached to ephemeral things. And in front of “La Grande Plage” of Biarritz from the beginning of June, the stairs surrounded by garden are decorated with hydrangeas of a thousand colors. It is absolutely incredible. And it is even more because all the rest of the year they are unfortunately, not part of the landscape. 

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