“It doesn’t matter what you wear when you’re surfing. You can wear bikinis, boardshorts, wetsuits. Don’t judge yourself and don’t judge others.” - Jaleesa Vincent

Each board and body shape is unique in it’s own special way. Introducing Shapes, a four part series featuring four amazing, strong and unique women, and the shapes that allow them to do what they love.

We sat down with team rider, Jaleesa Vincent, and her shaper Dave Howell from Misfit Shapes, to discuss all things surfing and body positivity. 

Dive into our convo with Jaleesa:

How would you describe your body type? 

Groovy & Athletic.

Go-to Billabong swim top silhouette & why?

Bralette. So comfy.

Favorite Billabong swim bottom silhouette & why? 

The Surf Short. Comfortable to surf in, physically & mentally.  

Favorite surfboard shape?

Varies depending on surf. But usually like a fun shortboard.

Preferred fin set-up (quad, tri, single, etc)?


Favorite Type of wave (crumbly, big, fast, etc)?


How do you sum up your style in 1-2 sentences?

Mozart & Black Sabbath baby

Why is being unique & having your own style important to you?

It just innately is!

Talk about your shaper and current go-to board by him: 

I’m riding a Misfit Shapes surfboard, shaped by Dave Howell. He’s an amazing and passionate shaper. I love all the fun, novelty boards he makes.

I love this Twin fin. It’s so smooth and fast. It’s bigger than most boards I ride, but you can still turn it effortlessly. My board is a 6’2 ‘Neo Speed Egg diamond twin’.

Get to know her shaper, Dave Howell from Misfit Shapes:

Where are you located and how long have you been in business?

Misfit was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in 2002. So this baby turns 20 this year!

How did you get started shaping boards?

I was taught by West Aus master shaper Col Ladhams nearly 25 years ago. We were shaping and managing the license of an International label at the time, which preceded the modern day shaping machine, so everything was hand shaped (it's wild to reflect on how we did this nowadays..). But I was very lucky to cut my teeth in the traditional ways of shaping, by someone that was so skilled in mowing out boards. I then hand shaped every Misfit surfboard up until 2009, before we adopted newer practices, which enabled us to improve efficiencies, guarantee accuracy, better design with team etc.

Tell us a little about the process! How long does it take to make a board start to finish?

After I design a board it's then added to a queue to have the blank profiled, depending on production schedule at the time, it can be 2 weeks or so before I'm ready to put hands on a board. It will then generally take 20 mins to shape (depending on what model). The board then heads in to the sprayers (which can take a further week), then fin installation, then the glassing process (lamming, filler coating, sanding) which takes another 1 - 2 weeks, then last process is QCing and then it's ready for the customer to get wet. We still aim to get boards out in 6 weeks.

What’s the best part about seeing someone surf on your boards?

To me, surfboards are the greatest form of functional art. There are SO many variables in a surfboard, so to put them all together and then have our glassers, sanders etc do their part to replicate and compliment the shape, and then have someone surf it and enjoy something i've literally made by hand, is very fulfilling to me! And it doesn't matter if they are an elite level surfer or a beginner, if they're having fun and progressing, there's no better feeling as a shaper...

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