Inspired by the experimental and creative spirit of the Psychedelic era, Billabong surfers Josie Prendergast, Laura Enever, and Jaleesa Vincent headed down the south coast of New South Wales to chase a swell and see where the waves would lead them.

What followed was a good old-fashioned surf trip, with sessions starting at sun-up and ending only at sundown, and plenty of music and laughter in between. A chance to further explore their own backyard, the girls found all sorts of small moments and wonders to appreciate on the trip, From frothy barrels, to empty lineups, to tasty little seaweed snacks they foraged on the rocks between surfs.

Fueled by stoke, friendship, and free-spirited fun, the girls scored in every sense of the word. Doused in bright, vivid colors, the Surfadelic film captures the energy of the trip, and brings fresh perspective to reimagining your own backyard. We hope Surfadelic inspires you to revisit your own area through fresh eyes—a reminder that a little imagination can go a long way, and that you don’t need to go far in order to discover something new.