The Ultimate Women’s Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

We love wetsuits. With a good wetsuit, we can surf all year long. They keep us happy, warm and focused on the fun. From tropical sessions in Hawaii to frigid Icelandic expeditions, choosing the best wetsuit for your conditions is essential for feeling comfortable and confident while you surf. This guide will help you find your second skin.

What Are the Different Types of Women’s Wetsuits?

Always dress for the occasion. Women’s wetsuits come in a range of silhouettes and thicknesses depending on water temperature. Thinner, lighter wetsuits are for warmer waters and thicker wetsuits insulate you from the cold.

You could break them down into five main categories:

  • Full Suit
  • Hooded Wetsuits
  • Spring Suit / Shorty
  • Long Jane & Neoprene Top
  • Short Jane & Neoprene Top