Translated to "Holy Spirit" Baja's Isla Espiritu Santo is a magical place where life exists in the water, not in the land... this little island is one of the most populat ecotourism sites in Mexico. It is only accessible by boat and competely protected and unin habited by humans.



One of the most popular ecotourism sites in Mexico, Espiritu Santo is completely protected and uninhabited by humans. A deserted island... literally.



The only way to get to the island is by boat. We jumped on a panga from La Paz and cruised to the island. Immediately, we were swept away by barren desert island and moonlike dreamscapes flabked by the Sea of Cortez.



It was easy to see why UNESCO named this a Biosphere Reserve in 1995. Turkey vultures soared over cactus covered mountains while the reeffs surrounding the island seemed to be alive with fish, turtles, rays, sharks and sea lions. A true harmony of nature.



The sand was so hot it burned our feet when we stood still, but the sea called our name. We spent the day snorkeling in it's turqouise waters and exploring the island until sunset. Our very own piece of paradise.




Isla Espiritu Santo will forever hold a special place in our hearts and confirmed what we already knew... Baja is magic!