Getting to the longest left point break in the world isn’t difficult, but it does take a few steps, which, in our opinion, only makes the arrival that much sweeter.

From Lima, we caught a quick flight north to Trujillo, where we were warmly greeted by a personal pickup waiting to take us to our final destination: Chicama Boutique Hotel.

Tucked into the desert about two hours north of Trujillo, Chicama (officially known as Puerto Malabrigo) is a former sugarcane port, turned sleepy fishing village, turned bucket-list surf destination. Colorful walls and smiling faces lined the streets, and we were delighted to pull up to the hotel, which sits at the southern-most tip of town, perched ideally above the main attraction: the world-class waves of Chicama.

With incredible food, spacious rooms, and the kindest service south of the equator, (not to mention the pool, sauna, and hot tubs that were perfect for post-surf soaks), we arrived and promptly decided we didn’t want to leave. The hotel was built with the surfer in mind, providing board storage, personal boats you can book to hitch a ride back to the top of the point (yes, the wave is that long), and knowledgeable boatmen who help you navigate the miles-long lineup.

Beyond that however, nurturing the local community and environment is truly at the heart of what Chicama Boutique Hotel is all about. They employ members of the local community, providing jobs and stability, especially for local women. Additionally, they hold special programs for community youth, which include surf lessons, environmental care talks, and beach cleanups. These help to foster pride and awareness in the next generation of young surfers who call Chicama home—the ones who will take care of the special place for years to come.

The hotel is a proudly plastic-free establishment, providing alternatives such as metal canteens for sale that include free filtered water for the rest of the trip—we’d like to express our gratitude for the hotel staff in going above and beyond, even facilitating a plastic-free production for us while shooting there! Guests and diners alike can trade in plastic/debris they gather from the beach for a coffee at the hotel.

When the wave was threatened a few years ago by a potential construction project that would build a pier and turn the port into an export zone for agricultural and mining production, Chicama Boutique Hotel stepped in and funded the actions required to facilitate and work with non-profits to protect the wave, which ended in victory, and Chicama being the first wave protected by law in the world!

The hotel is currently open, closely following safety guidelines in place given the current circumstances. They want you to know—the waves are still rolling in, and it’s still safe to enjoy them! They encourage safe, conscious travel, and with a smile, welcome in visitors to experience the magic of Chicama.

Links: https://chicamaboutiquehotel.com/en/# @chicamaboutiquehotelofficial